200 X 100 X 50 εκ.


συλλογή Αμερικανού Κολλεγίου Αθηνών


With Inter-Course Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis refers to the erotic relationship between man and woman. The work's composition starts at the base with the penis, which gives the impetus for the rest of the development. In an abstract manner with clear references Papoutsidis describes a long cylinder penetrating an oblong box. The two rings are a direct reference to female breasts. Several small pieces of iron in varied shapes refer to the ejaculation of sperm towards the universe. The whole composition presents a divine exaltation. After a orgiastic without limits state a woman resorts to her beautification by neans of the comb. With this move of hers things get back in place.

Megakles Rogakos