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Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis was born in Cairo, Egypt from Greek parents.  Resides in Athens, Greece.
Studied Enviromental Art & Design, Art and History of Art in the UK. Lived for many years in Paris, France collaborating with well known art galleries. Learned engraving from Alekos Fassianos at Michel Casse's workshop, where he created engravings, lithographs and silkscreens.
Invented the Irongraph, art genre where painting and sculpturing present a uniform effect on sheet metal.
Has designed fonts and word compositions and has composed Visual Poetry.
Created the Poem Object, a combination of illustration and word.
Crafted medals, awards, jewelry, music album covers, posters and outdoor banners.
Sculptures can be found in the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens (1997), at the American College of Greece - ACGart (1997, 2007, 2009), at the headquarters of the ABSOLUT COMPANY, Stockholm (1999), in "Melina" Cultural Centre (2000), in KAT Hospital of Kifisia (2003), in the Athens Town Hall (2003), in Modern Greek Art Museum of the Municipality of Rhodes (2008), at the cultural multispace Athinais (2010), at the Copelouzos Family Art Museum (2012), in the Marathon Run Museum (2013), in the Embassy of Japan in Athens (2013).

Οutdoor sculptures of the artist can be seen at the Technopolis-Gazi in Athens (1999), at Emelisse Nature Resort Fiskardo Kefalonia (2001), in Ithaca (2001), at a square in the Municipality of Kifisia (2003), on the Heroes' Square of the Municipality of Palio Faliro (2005), at Ippokratio Hospital of Athens (2007), in various places at the center of the city of Rhodes (2008), at the Copelouzos Family Art Museum (2012), at the starting point of the Athens Classic Marathon (2013), at the facade of a neo-classical building on 6, Solonos str.,Athens (2013), at an industrial building at Markopoulo, Attika (2014) and at Rodos Palace, island of Rhodes (2019).
 Many other works are located in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.
Collaborated with the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens for the Christmas decorations of Athens (1996)  and for the Athens Book Fair (1997).
In 2018 the Athens International Airport "El.Venizelos" under the auspices of the Marathon Run Museum organized a six months exhibition with a selection of his works associated with the Marathon Run Idea.
He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 2001.





2019 Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti, Athens. "Trophy raising".

Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos", Spata Attica."Marathon Universe - through the art of the scupltor N.Y.Papoutsidis".

2017 Books plus Art, Athens. "Scripta Manent".
2013 Embassy of Japan in Athens. "Star Dragon".
2013 Marathon Run Museum, Marathon. "Marathonian Universe".
2011 Adam Gallery, Athens. “Painting - Sculptures“.
2010 Athinais Culture Multiplace, Athens. "Colour and Iron, 1990-2010"
2008 Modern Greek Art Museum, Rhodes. "Dragons, Stars and a Castle".
2007 Zapio Megaron, Athens. "Free standing sculptures".
2005 Adam Gallery, Athens. “Dragon-collector“.

Cultural and Sport Centre, Municipality of Palio Phaliro. “Violet-crowned Sculptures“.


Adam Gallery, Athens. “Hail, City – Sculptures to scale“.


'Melina' Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens. “Hail, praise to the Athlete“.


Kivotos Art Gallery, Athens. “Iron Reliefs“.


Technopolis-Gazi, Athens. “Voyage with the Ark“.


Skoufa Gallery, Athens. “Iron Garden“.

1997 Adam Gallery, Athens. “Sculpture – Art Objects“.

Titanium Gallery, Athens. “They Have Come“.

1995 La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris
1993 Titanium Gallery, Athens. “The Poetry of the Object“.
1992   La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris



2020 Olympic Truce Path 2020, Olympia. "Fair Play"
2018 Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens. "Microsculpturing".
2018 Eugenides Foundation, Athens. "Maria Callas, an eternal source of inspiration".
2015 Museum of Modern Art Mahmoud Mukhtar, Cairo Egypt. "Greek painters born in Egypt".
2013 Goulandri Museum of Natural History, Athens. "Ippokrates' Medicine through the Ages".
2011 'Melina' Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens. "30 years of internationalistic solidarity".
2009 Hellenic War Museum - Art Expertise, Athens. "4 seasons".
2008 Goulandri Museum of Natural History – Gaia center, Athens. “Art – Life for the planet”.
2007 Adam Gallery, Athens. "Contacts".
2007 Cartier, Athens. "Love day".
2006 Adam Gallery, Athens. "Neighbourhoods of Athens". 2007   Cartier, Athens. “Love day”.
2005 Adam Gallery, Athens. “The Game“, “The sea's ... works“.
2004 Theofilos Museum, Mytilini. "The world of olive".
2003 Chamber of Formative Arts, Athens. “Microsculptures”.

Athenais – Hydrotechno, Athens. “Progress“.

2000 Kastela Art Gallery, Piraeus. “Bleu Outremer“.

Kivotos Art Gallery, Athens. “Nature“.

1999 Ekphrasi Gallery, Athens. “Flowers to welcome 2000“.

Benaki Museum, Athens. “Art Quake“.


“Melina“ Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens. “Slamp Art“.


Pierides Gallery, Athens. “Levi's Art“.


Odysseas Elytis Art Galleries, Athens. “Painting to poetry by Odysseas Elytis“.

1995   Mayia Tsokli Gallery, Athens. Sculpture construction “Bridal chambers“.


2014 May Exhibition during a formal visit of 22 E.U. ministers at APIVITA factory, Markopoulo Attika.
1998 April

Large banner – Installation in Syntagma Square, Athens, entitled “Athenian Being“.

1997 May

Art Installation and decoration of the Book Festival at the Pedio Areos, Athens.

1997 April

Art Installation at Syntagma Square, Athens, with symbols and banners.

1996 December Art Installation in Akadimias St., Athens.



2008 "Dragons, Stars and a Castle". Published by the Museum of Modern Greek Art, Municipality of Rhodes.
2002 "Hail, praise to the athlete". Published by the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens.


"Nikos Yorgos Papoutsides". Album of photographs of works created in the period 1990 - 1997,   Nereus editions, Athens.


"The magic Exercise Book and its Pictures". Poetry with cover design and illustrations by Yannis Tsarouchis, Patakis editions, Athens.


"The Caryatides look". Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis' photographs documenting Yannis Tsarouchis' last scenographic work, Adam editions, Athens.


"The Poem - Object". Letters, words, poems. Voukariane Art Editions, Athens.


"Inarticullating a opope". Visual poetry in 24 unbound single sheets, Ikaros editions, Athens.


"The wingbearer". Poetry with cover design and illustrations by Yannis Tsarouchis, Ikaros editions, Athens.